About Us

The Storm Trysail Club is a private club dedicated to blue water sailing. Membership currently numbers over 1,200 individuals, and is by invitation only to expert offshore sailors who have experienced storm conditions and are capable of commanding a sailing vessel in such conditions. Established in 1938 and headquartered in Larchmont, NY, the club has a long history of sponsoring inshore, distance and offshore sailboat races, and supporting the interests and needs of sailors.

The purpose of the Club is to promote good fellowship among blue water and ocean racing sailors, and to encourage the sport of ocean racing and offshore cruising. The Club is organized into 12 geographic stations, giving it representation in the major sailing centers in America and a base for carrying out its purpose. Each station serves as the organizing authority and host for a number of racing, social and junior events for its members and other sailors, both on the water and ashore. The club has been in the vanguard of development of new events, handicap rating systems, yacht design, safety procedures, and new rum drinks. Members are known as being fierce on the starting line, and friendly on the beer line.

The club insignia is proudly displayed by members on the club burgee, on special articles and clothing available only to members, and also seen on clothing sold to sailors participating in club events.

Club Activities

Officers & Staff

Ray Redniss
Andrew Weiss
Ty Anderson
John D. Browning
Frederick Heerde
Fleet Captain
Rick Royce


Jeff Goldring
Farley Fontenot
Chris Lewis
Robert Scott
Johnathan Asch
Clarke Smith
Ann Myer
Jesse Fielding
Patrick Kennedy
Shari Vaughan
Immediate Past Commodore
Ed Cesare
President, Storm Trysail Foundation
Richard du Moulin
Governors, 2024

Tom Bowler

John Edgcomb

Matt Gallagher Christopher Lewis Andree Isbrandtsen Pruett

Governors, 2024-2025

Larry Fox

Sheila McCurdy

Ann Myer

David Shaeffer

Clarke Smith

Fleet Surgeon
Carl A. Olsson, M.D.
Paul Hoffmann, Jr.
John Browning
Sharon Bend
Executive Director
Whitney Simon
Digital Services
Kate Somers


Block Island Race Week
Ty Anderson


Dick Neville

On the Water Chair

Tom Rinda

Jury Chair

Communications and Sponsorship
Ron Weiss


Kate Somers, Media
Scott Goetz, Sponsorship
John de Regt


Chuck Bayer, Great Lakes
Barry Dwyer, Chesapeake Bay
Rich Feeley, Marblehead
Vince Todd, Gulf of Maine
John Storck III


Casey Nicerkson, Grand Master
Rick Royce, Offshore Teams

Delegate to YRA of LIS
Rick Royce


Binky Hoffmann


Maureen Koeppel
Andree Isbrandtsen Pruett
Ron Weiss
Ty Anderson


John Browning
Paul Kunz
Lee Reichart
Don Rave


Long Range Planning
Gary Jobson


Ty Anderson
AJ Evans
Joey Moffitt
Rich du Moulin
Steve Prime
John Storck, III
Matthew Gallagher


LJ Edgcomb
Barry Gold
Charles Goodrich
Erin Mhley
Ann Myer
James Noyes
Jim Praley II
Kelly Robinson
John Storck, Jr.
Steve Taft
Stew Wiley
Mark Wood
John Storck, Jr.


Ed Cesare
AJ Evans
Dick Neville
Renee Mehl
Kelly Robinson
Tom Rinda


Ty Anderson
Com Crocker
Don Makowiecki
John Osmond
Lance Smotherman
Race Committee
Dick Neville


Bruce Bingman
Dave Brennan
Larry Fox
Nick Langone
Andree Isbrandtsen Pruett
Ray Redniss
Karen Ronan
John Troy
Andrew Weiss
Rating Rule
Larry Fox


Bob Behringer
Bruce Bingman
Tom Bowler
Dobbs Davis
Kevin Foote
Matt Gallagher
James Murray
Chris Tutmark
Nick Langone


Lee Reichart
Dawn Riley
Rich du Moulin


Jonathan Kabak
Chris Lewis
Sheila McCurdy
Rene Mehl
Buttons Padin
Kelly Robinson
Ralf Steiz
Dick York
Young Members
Erik Storck


Justin Bauer
Daniel Ebin
Will Gammell
Suzy Bradford


Deanna Polizzo
Heather Schultes


1938G.G. SmithB.S. StoneH.M. DevereuxJ. Smith Jr. 
1939-40B.S. StoneH.M.DevereuxJ.H. Thornburn, Jr.G.G. Smith 
1941E.L. Raymond Jr.A.S. KelloggR.G. SmithG.G. Smith 
*1946A.S. KelloggJ.S. Dickerson Jr.R.G. SmithG.G. SmithR.F. deCoppet
1947A.S. KelloggH. KilmerG.M. IsdaleP. CampbellR.F. deCoppet
1948-49H. KilmerG.M. IsdaleP. CampbellC.A. Hardy Jr.W.H. Miller
1950-51G.M. IsdaleP. CampbellF.J. WellsV. Monte-SanoJ.E. Choate
1952-53P. CampbellF.J. WellsR.L. HallR.W. Fraser Jr.R.F. Goennel
1954-55R.L. HallG.R. HinmanV. Monte-SanoR. RachalsR.V. Nelson
1956G.R. HinmanV. Monte-SanoR. RachalsH. HawkinsR.S. Erskine Jr.
1957V. Monte-SanoR. RachalsD.D. StrohmeierH. HawkinsR.S. Erskine Jr.
1958V. Monte-SanoD.D. StrohmeierE.R. GreeffJ.W. WaldenD.M. Rugg Jr.
1959D.D. StrohmeierE.R. GreeffR. Stephens Jr.J.W. WaldenD.M. Ru.gg Jr
1960D.D. StrohmeierE.R. GreeffR. Stephens Jr.A.J. Haire Jr.A.J. Wullschleger
1961E.R. GreeffR. Stephens Jr.J. IsbrandtsenA.J. Haire Jr.A.J. Wullschleger
1962E.R. GreeffR. Stephens Jr.J. IsbrandtsenR.S. BaxterA.J. Wullschleger
1963-64R. Stephens Jr.J. IsbrandtsenE.P. Snyder Jr.R.S. BaxterA.J. Wullschleger
1965-66J. IsbrandtsenE.P. Snyder Jr.P. H. LangdonJ.M. BrownA.J. Wullschleger
1967-68E.P. Snyder Jr.A.J. WullschlegerJ.M. BrownV.A. RomagnaC.F. Loyd
1969-70A.J. WullschlegerJ.M. BrownP. HoffmannV.A. RomagnaC.C. Dennis
1971-72J.M. BrownP. HoffmannH. HawkinsV.A. RomagnaC.C. Dennis
1973-74P. HoffmannH. HawkinsT. RamsingV.A. RomagnaS. Caldara
1975-76H. HawkinsT. RamsingJ.R. ShepleyV.A. RomagnaS. Caldara
1977-78T. RamsingJ.R. ShelleyC.C. DennisV.A. RomagnaJ.B. Moore Jr.
1979J.R. ShepleyC.C. DennisB.R. BrakenhoffT. HumeJ.B. Moore Jr.
1980J.R. ShepleyC.C. DennisJ.B. GrantT. HumeJ.B. Moore Jr.
1981C.C. DennisJ.B. GrantF.V. SnyderT. HumeJ.B. Moore Jr.
1982C.C. DennisF.V. SnyderR.L. HoytT. HumeJ.B. Moore Jr.
1983-84F.V. SnyderR.L. HoytG.M. Isdale Jr.J.D. BrowningJ.B. Moore Jr.
1985-86R.L. HoytG.M. Isdale Jr.J.B. Thomson Jr.J.D. BrowningJ.B. Moore Jr.
1987-88G.M. Isdale Jr.J.B. Thomson Jr.Jack KingJ.D. BrowningJ.B. Moore Jr.
1989-90J.B. Thomson Jr.Jack KingCharles UlmerJ.D. BrowningJ.B. Moore Jr.
1991-92Jack KingChalres UlmerWilliam Foulk Jr.J.D. BrowningPeter Lorson
1993-94Charles UlmerWilliam Foulk Jr.Robert C. TowseJ.D. BrowningPeter Lorson
1995-96William Foulk Jr.Robert C. TowseJohn Storck Jr.J.D. BorwningPeter Lorson
1997-98Robert C. TowseJohn Storck Jr.John D. OsmondJ.D. BrowningPeter Lorson
1999-01John Storck Jr.John D. OsmondStanley P. BellJ.D. BrowningPeter Lorson
2001-02John D. OsmondRichard NevilleRichard du MoulinJ.D. BrowningPeter Rugg
2003-4Richard NevilleRichard du MoulinJohn FisherJ.D. BrowningPeter Rugg
2005-6Richard du MoulinJohn FisherJames BishopJ.D. BrowningPeter Rugg
2007-8John FisherJames BishopEric KreuterJ.D. BrowningPeter Rugg
2009-10James BishopEric KreuterNicholas LangoneJ.D. BrowningPeter Rugg
2011-12Eric KreuterNicholas LangoneLee ReichartJ.D. BrowningPeter Rugg
2013-14Nicholas LangoneLee ReichartPeter RuggJ.D. BrowningRick Lyall
2015Lee ReichartPeter RuggLeonard SitarJ.D. BrowningJamie Anderson
2016Lee ReichartLeonard SitarA.J. EvansJ.D. BrowningJamie Anderson
2017Leonard SitarA.J. EvansEd CesareJ.D. BrowningJamie Anderson
2018Leonard SitarA.J. EvansEd CesareJ.D. BrowningFrederick "Bud" Heerde
2019-20A.J. EvansEd CesareRay RednissJ.D. BrowningFrederick "Bud" Heerde
2021-22Ed CesareRay RednissAndrew WeissJ.D. BrowningFrederick "Bud" Heerde