March 16, 2021

New Safety at Sea “Virtual Mini-Seminar” available for the public

As part of Storm Trysail Club’s commitment to fostering Safety-at-Sea offshore, we are inviting the public to join our half-day Zoom mini-seminar on April 10, 2021. This half-day presentation is part of a more extensive program that includes a series of US Sailing and Storm Trysail Club videos regarding Safety-At-Sea, as well as the first implementation of some of the recommendations coming out of STC’s recent Offshore Sailing Leadership Symposium (OSLS).  

The half-day mini-symposium agenda includes some deep dives into the following topics, all of which should be interesting and useful for the experienced, and not-so-experienced, blue-water sailor:

  • Leadership, Responsibility, Seamanship, and Preparation
  • Damage Control including a Panel of Survivors
  • Crew Overboard – How Not to Be a COB; COB Recovery
  • Offshore Weather with STC Commodore Ed Cesare
  • Q & A with an Expert Panel
    • Rich du Moulin – Moderator, Past Commodore of STC
    • Dan O’Connor – Survival in the Water
    • Dick York – Chair of US Sailing SAS Committee
    • Matt Gallagher – Chair of US Sailing Offshore Committee

Everyone is invited to virtually attend by accessing the Zoom seminar on 4/10 as a stand-alone event. Pre-registration is required (below), and the cost is $50 for non-STC members, $25 for STC members.

The full Storm Trysail Club Offshore Sailing Leadership Symposium Report is available here and as a 70 minute overview video. It is recommended, but not required, for those wishing to participate in the mini-symposium to review both the video and the report as it will greatly add value and context to the subject matter. Both the report and video are completely free to the public.

Register below for the Virtual Seminar. PLEASE NOTE, this seminar alone DOES NOT RESULT IN A CERTIFICATE. If you are interested in the US Sailing and/or World Sailing Hands-On Certification, visit our Safety-at-Sea page.