August 4, 2024

Portland Yacht Club’s flagship offshore event was first held in 1928.

Storm Trysail Club partners with Monhegan Island Race to help with shoreside Race Management.

Two Races in One

For 2020, the Monhegan Island Race will now have a longer course for the die-hard offshore folks. The Seguin Island Sprint will remain the same and is for the sailors who want to experience a race during the dark. Pick the race you want to do and how you want to do it. The following divisions will be available in each race: Racing fully crewed, JAM (Jib and Main Only), Racing Double-handed, Classic boats (boats designed or built before 1968), and Multi-hull.

Monhegan Island Race

The Monhegan Island Race is an approximately 141nm course starting in Casco Bay near G”11” between Clapboard and Long Islands, going out Hussey Sound then turning south to round Boon Island off the coast of York, Maine; then northeast towards Monhegan Island, rounding C”1” Duck Rock Lighted Bell, followed by the finish at Portland Head Light near the entrance of Portland Harbor.

There will be one start for each division (Racing, Cruising, Multi-hull). The start will be at 1500 on Friday, August 7th and we expect the top boats to finish within 30 hours by Saturday evening or early Sunday morning.

This is a great test for a Newport to Bermuda or Marblehead-Halifax race, where you will get a feel for a real ocean race, with a watch system and advanced navigation.

This race will be sailed and scored using PHRF ToT (Time on Time).

Seguin Island Sprint

The Seguin Island Race has been a part of the overall Monhegan Race for years but up until now has only been available to the “cruising” division also known as JAM (Jib and Main Only) division. This approximately 50nm course starts in Casco Bay near G”11” between Clapboard and Long Islands then heads out the Hussey Sound with a turning mark at the old Lightship location (“Papa”, RWP buoy), heads Northeast to Seguin Island and then back to Portland Head Light for the finish. With a Start at 1300 on Saturday most boats should sail the course in approximately 10 to 12 hours and experience a pleasant evening sail and be finished by late Saturday evening or early Sunday morning.

This race will be sailed and scored using PHRF ToT (Time on Time).

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