June 4, 2021

Annapolis-Newport 2021 Kicks Off

The Annapolis to Newport Race is off! There are 15 Storm Trysail Club registered boats and by our count 70 Storm Trysail Club Members sailing! (See List Below based on Yacht Scoring Crew List compared to the Membership List and if we missed you, we are sorry but comment below and we will get you in there!)

The Newport Station will be the finish boat and friends and family can track the race here: https://yb.tl/a2n2021

Yacht Scoring: https://yachtscoring.com/current_event_entries.cfm?eID=13210

Yacht NameCrew NamePosition
Artemis (Italia Yachts 13.98)John DodgeMast
Chessie Racing (Tripp 62)Matthew BECKMain Trimmer
Chessie Racing (Tripp 62)George CollinsOwner
Chessie Racing (Tripp 62)William JenkinsHeadsail Trimmer
Chessie Racing (Tripp 62)Grant SpanhakeMain Trimmer
Chessie Racing (Tripp 62)Chris Larson
Cougar (J 160)Michael CarducciIn the way
Cougar (J 160)AJ EvansWatch Captain
Cougar (J 160)Matthew MarcianoRush Chairman
Cougar (J 160)Gary MartinPit
Cougar (J 160)Chris StrukusLeeward Helm
Cougar (J 160)Leonard SitarOwner
Crocodile (First 50)Scott WardOwner
Cygnette (Swan 441 )Peter FeinNavigator
Dancing Bear (NE 39)Kelly RobinsonNavigator
Dancing Bear III (Alden 50)Constantine BarisOwner
Dream Crusher (Kernan 47)Key BeckerBow
Dream Crusher (Kernan 47)Colin McGranahanOffside trimmer
Dream Crusher (Kernan 47)Alex CleggNavigator
High Note (Baltic 51)Gary NackmanOwner
J-Curve (J 122)William McKeigeMid Mast
Kalevala II (Grand Soleil 37 B&C)Tapio SaavalainenOwner
Kenai (J 44)Emmett DickheiserSpinnaker trimmer
Kenai (J 44)Chris LewisOwner
Kenai (J 44)Karen LewisMid Mast
Kenai (J 44)Christopher SimonStaysail trimmer
Kenai (J 44)Tim SnyderStrategist
Kenai (J 44)William ZartlerFoil Trimmer
Morgan of Marietta (Wauquiez Centurion 42)John DennerleinWatch Captain
Morgan of Marietta (Wauquiez Centurion 42)Colin GolderOwner
Morgan of Marietta (Wauquiez Centurion 42)Lou RuguloNavigator
Morgan of Marietta (Wauquiez Centurion 42)Ann MyerWatch Captain
Placetne (Sabre 426)David BrownNavigator
Privateer (Cookson 50)Edward CesareNavigator
Privateer (Cookson 50)Jesse FieldingMid Mast
Privateer (Cookson 50)Kyle MartinPit
Privateer (Cookson 50)Ron O'HanleyOwner
Prospector (Mills 68)Carina BeckerRunners
Prospector (Mills 68)Bruce LawrenceBow
Prospector (Mills 68)Henry LittleOther
Prospector (Mills 68)Andrew WolfOther
Prospector (Mills 68)Tim KeyworthHeadsail Trimmer
Ranger (Farr 40)Jahn TihanskyOther
Running Tide (S&S 60)Barrett HolbyStaysail trimmer
Running Tide (S&S 60)Fraser MackechnieMid Mast
Running Tide (S&S 60)Robert PenningtonStaysail trimmer
Running Tide (S&S 60)Mike ToppaWatch Captain
Running Tide (S&S 60)Scott VogelBow
Running Tide (S&S 60)Tom MaynardFloater
ShinnecockJimmy PraleyOwner
Slide Rule (First 44.7)Scott BearseSkipper
Slide Rule (First 44.7)Robert McHughWatch Captain
Slide Rule (First 44.7)Rick OricchioNavigator
Slide Rule (First 44.7)Michael PuleoMain Trimmer
SLY (XP 44)Geremy CheliusBow
SLY (XP 44)Bob FoxOwner
Sodalis III (J 46)Ryan ZuponBow
Sodalis III (J 46)Jim DemarestOwner
Sonrisa (XP 44)Marcus Cholerton-BrownWatch Captain
Sonrisa (XP 44)Vadim VorobyovHelm
Stormy Petrel (Coast Guard Leadership 44)Lincoln White
Summer StormMike BeasleyPit Assist
Summer StormAndrew berdonOwner
Summer StormJosh ReisbergFoil Trimmer
Tenebrae (J 124)Todd AvenNavigator
Tenebrae (J 124)William IngrahamOwner
Tenebrae (J 124)Tim LongoFloater
Tenebrae (J 124)Iris VogelOffside trimmer
Vamoose (J 133)Ian PeeblesFoil Trimmer