June 3, 2021

Save the Date: Hands-On Safety at Sea Seminar Oct 11 at SUNY Maritime

With the improving Covid situation, and the huge demand for SAS certification for 2022 offshore events, Storm Trysail will hold a Hands-On SAS Seminar at the New York State Maritime College (SUNY in the Bronx) on Monday October 11, 2021- Columbus Day. Registration will open in mid-July. Sign up below to be notified when it opens.

Building on the success of past seminars, this event will follow an interactive curriculum where attendees learn in the water survival, board life rafts, fire distress flares, put out fires, learn damage control, set storm sails, and rescue a man overboard.

Safety-at-Sea Certification

By attending the seminar and viewing the Storm Trysail’s Video Library, sailors will earn a US Sailing Offshore Safety-at-Sea Certificate

Attendees can opt to earn an International Offshore Safety-at-Sea Certificate by also viewing US Sailing’s Online Offshore Safety-at-Sea course. This is in addition to the STF videos you will also watch.

Course Curriculum 

  • On the water session with man overboard recovery, setting storm sails & emergency steering
  • Pool session with PFD, life raft use and combating hypothermia
  • Firefighting instruction, use of flares and pyrotechnics
  • Emergency communications and Search & Rescue
  • Damage control and much more

Please sign up to be notified when registration is opened in mid-July.