September 2, 2020

Over 70 Storm Trysail Members take part in the 2020 Vineyard Race

This Labor Day Weekend, 74 Storm Trysail Members onboard 35 different race boats will take part in Stanford Yacht Club's annual Vineyard Race starting from "The Cows" and heading out to the round Buzzards Bay Light then back for a total of a 238 NM. This is one of the few overnight distance races happening in Summer 2020.

Rear Commodore, Ray Redniss, will once again be the PRO for the 86th Vineyard Race starting Friday, September 4th. Check out his interview with Sail-World on the organizing the event, especially in the midst of a pandemic:

Ten of the 26 double-handed crews are made of up all or half Storm Trysail Members, a rising trend in the sport due to both the inclusion of the offshore mixed-doublehanded class in the 2024 Olympics and the nature of limiting crew sizes during the pandemic.

According to the crew list on Yacht Scoring as of September 2nd, cross-referenced with our latest Membership List, these are the members competing in this weekend's race. If we missed any, we apologize! Be sure to add your name in the comments below!

Good luck, sailors! You can follow the race tracker from the Vineyard Race website:

Storm Trysail Members competing in the 2020 Vineyard Race:
Abilyn (J 120): Josh Reisberg, Co-Skipper Doublehanded Division
American Girl (Dehler 42): Daniel Galyon, Captain
American Girl (Dehler 42): Warren Willett, Helm
American Girl (Dehler 42): Justin Bonar, Nav/Tac
Argo (MOD 70): Chad Corning, Skipper
Byte (Mixed Crew) (Sunfast 3300): Robert Alexander, Co-Skipper
Charlotte (Beneteau First 36.7): Roy Moss, Navigator
Charlotte (Beneteau First 36.7): Richard West, Owner
Choucas 3 (RM 1370): Frederic Cosandey, Co-Skipper
Christopher Dragon XI (Ker 40+): Ed Bahen, Boat Captain
Christopher Dragon XI (Ker 40+): Ryan Zupon, Bow
Christopher Dragon XI (Ker 40+): Jonathan Asch, Helm
Christopher Dragon XI (Ker 40+): Emmett Dickheiser, Main Trimmer
Christopher Dragon XI (Ker 40+): Larry Fox, Navigator
Christopher Dragon XI (Ker 40+): Andrew Weiss, Skipper
Cougar (J 160): Tom Castiglione, Other
Cougar (J 160): Leonard Sitar, Owner
Cougar (J 160): Gary Martin, Pit
Cougar (J 160): Matthew Marciano, Rush Chairman
Cougar (J 160): AJ Evans, Watch Captain
Dancing Bear III (Alden 50): Chris Brady, Floater
Dancing Bear III (Alden 50): Constantine Baris, Skipper
Fearless (Figaro 3): Jesse Fielding, Co-Skipper
Fireball (J 111): John Dunne, Main Trimmer
Fireball (J 111): Bill Baxter, Owner
Gadzooks (C&C 38): Steven Landis,
Galadriel (Swan 46): Devin Santa, Owner
Glim (C&C 40): Eric Zeller, Strategist
Growth Spurt (J 109): John Greifzu, Jr., Owner
Guardian j (J 109): Robert Douglas, Watch Captain
In Theory (JPK 1080): Doug Lynn, Other
In Theory (JPK 1080): Chris Simon, Other
In Theory (JPK 1080): Peter McWhinnie, Owner
In Theory (JPK 1080): Peter Bauer, Switch Flipper
Jules (Baltic 52): Riley Kernan, Bow
Jules (Baltic 52): Chris Kniffin, Headsail Trimmer
Jules (Baltic 52): David Yonks, Mid Bow
Jules (Baltic 52): Jason Black, Watch Captain
Jules (Baltic 52): Steve Minninger, Navigator
Lora Ann (Express 37): Richard du Moulin, Owner
Magic (SC52): Cliff Crowley, Main Trimmer
Magic (SC52): Sandison Weil, Navigator
Next Boat (Morris 45): Kristen Donelan, Floater
Next Boat (Morris 45): Deanna Polizzo, Mast
Next Boat (Morris 45): Mark Ellman, Owner
Next Boat (Morris 45): William Donelan, Watch Captain
Privateer (Cookson 50): John Hayes, Headsail Trimmer
Privateer (Cookson 50): Ed Cesare, Navigator
Privateer (Cookson 50): Kyle Martin, Pit
Privateer (Cookson 50): Tim Dawson, Tactician
Raptor (J 105): Frank Conway, Owner
Resolute IV (IMX 40): John D Keogh, Foil Trimmer
Resolute IV (IMX 40): Marc Fleuette, Main Trimmer
Resolute IV (IMX 40): Terrence Arndt, Owner
Resolute IV (IMX 40): David Campbell, Pit
Resolute IV (IMX 40): Mike Fleuette, Sailor
Resolute IV (IMX 40): Geoff Van Gorkom, Tactician
Resolute IV (IMX 40): Jon Whitney, Watch Captain
Rikki (R/P 42): Carina Becker, Bow
Roust (Sea Sprite 34): Dan Jennings, Co-Skipper
Roust (Sea Sprite 34): Ian Gumprecht, Owner
Soulmates (Custom Goetz 40): Adam Loory, Co-Skipper
Summer Grace (J 122): Macrae Sykes, Watch Captain
Summer Storm (Marten 49): Andrew Berdon, Owner
The Roost (J 111): Marc Malloy, Pro Bowler
The Roost (J 111): Ryan Malloy, Rush Chairman
Thin Man (J 99): Todd Aven, Owner
threebeans (MP 39): Charlie Reynolds, Switch Flipper
Warrior Won (Pac52): Thomas Allin, Headsail Trimmer
Warrior Won (Pac52): Patrick Slattery, Mid Bow
Warrior Won (Pac52): Christopher Lewis, Navigator
Warrior Won (Pac52): Chris Sheehan, Skipper
Xpatriate (Xp44): Marcus Cholerton-Brown, Sailor
Young American-146 (Mixed DH) (J 105): Peter Becker, Co-Skipper