May 18, 2020

Creating a Culture of Safety and Collaboration

Photo: Steve Cloutier/ BIRW 2017

The Cruising Club of America sought recommendations and collaborated with fellow clubs, including the Storm Trysail Club, to publish guidance entitled “Creating a Culture of Safety: The Skipper’s Responsibility

Our Safety-At-Sea chairman Rich du Moulin, stated in the CCA press release, “Storm Trysail Club echoes the CCA’s emphasis on the skipper’s leadership and will be organizing an event later this year specifically addressing the need for leadership at sea.”

David Tunick, chair of the Seamanship Committee of New York Yacht Club, says, “Collaboration with the CCA and other groups at the highest level of leadership in safety at sea, including support for US Sailing, is a cornerstone of our growing safety program. Safety leadership will be a core principle at our advanced Level 200 safety at sea seminars, in part modeled after the course pioneered by the Storm Trysail Club.”