November 16, 2023

Own a Piece of Maritime Legacy and Support Storm Trysail Foundation!

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30 years ago, a Storm Trysail Club member commissioned two magnificent oil paintings on canvas to commemorate Block Island Race Week from  A.D."Tony" Blake renowned New Zealand maritime painter. Now, these works of art are available through an online auction to support the impactful work of the Storm Trysail Foundation.

🌊 Set Sail with a Purpose: Supporting the STF Mission The Storm Trysail Foundation is committed to the education and development of the next generation of sailors, promoting safety at sea, and preserving the rich maritime heritage. By participating in this exclusive opportunity to own a piece of history, you are directly contributing to these noble endeavors, such as grants for Community Sailing Programs, Safety at Sea Seminars for Adults and Juniors, the Intercollegiate Offshore Regattas, and the development of sailing safety resources for the entire sport. 

Discover Maritime Treasures: A Collector's Dream One painting shows the fleet returning from the race course to the Salt Pond through "the cut." The other shows the fleet rounding Southeast Light during the famous Round the Island Race. The canvas’ are 24x32 inches, elegantly framed, and in perfect condition. These artifacts not only make for remarkable additions to your collection but also serve as a testament to the enduring spirit of one of America's most famous regattas.

🚢 How It Works: 

  1. Learn more about the pieces: Visit our dedicated page [insert link] to peruse the stunning collection of maritime artifacts available for acquisition.
  2. Place Your Bid: Participate in the auction by placing your bid by January 13th . Every bid is a step toward supporting STF's initiatives.
  3. Winning with a Purpose: If your bid emerges victorious, you not only secure a unique piece of maritime history but also contribute directly to the Storm Trysail Foundation's mission.

The bidding has already begun! Visit now to set sail on this exciting voyage into maritime history. Together, let's navigate the waters of legacy and impact.

Fair winds and following seas,

Storm Trysail Foundation