May 28, 2021

“N over A” for Block Island Race 2021

The Storm Trysail Club Race Committee of the 75th Block Island Race has been evaluating forecast weather conditions very closely and with the help of a number of weather consultants. We have to expect that if we proceed, the fleet will experience sustained winds of 30 to 35 knots and gusts over 40 in the 0100 to 0500 period Saturday morning. In addition, there will be an unusually strong ebb current against the wind until 0130, cold water and air temperatures, and heavy rain. We do not feel it is prudent to start the race under these circumstances.

Forecasts suggest that strong winds and rain will persist into the day Saturday and the sea-state in western Long Island Sound will be bad through the day on Saturday.

Regretfully we are posting "N" over "A" all races abandoned.

On the bright side, the party goes on! Hoping to see you all at Stamford Yacht Club at 1700 on Sunday.

A special thanks to our supportive sponsors, Harbor Point, Regatta Craft Mixers, McMichael Yacht Yards and Brokers, The Real McCoy Rum, and Harbor Point Wine and Spirits.