February 23, 2024

ORC Education Webinar Series

🗓️ February 1 - Introduction to ORC

Get started with the basics! Explore the fundamentals of ORC in our kickoff session. Missed it? No worries! Access the recording anytime.

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🗓️ February 28 - Details on ORC Measurement

Dive deeper into the intricate world of ORC Measurement with Chris Tutmark. Gain valuable insights into the details that make a difference.

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🗓️ March 13 - Intro to ORC Scoring

Discover the nuances of ORC Scoring with experts Ed Cesare and Larry Fox. Uncover the key elements that contribute to effective scoring.

🗓️ April 10 - Advanced Scoring, including PCS and WCS

Take your understanding to the next level with Advanced Scoring, featuring Ed Cesare, Larry Fox, and Stan Honey. Explore the intricacies of Weather Routing Scoring.

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