November 13, 2023

Storm Trysail Club Grandmasters Team Racing

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It’s a different kind of racing

Running downwind with kites up in Sonars approaching mark 3 of the standard team racing course, we have a slight overlap on the 2nd place NYYC boat. The NYYC boat hails "no overlap", we drop the kite, slow a bit, protest, and fall in line to round the mark. Shortly after the mark rounding, the umpires agree that we had an overlap and penalize the NYYC boat two penalty turns. The STC team now has a 2, 4, 5 - r 11 points, one point from winning - with some good work we could convert this to a win. Unfortunately, the NYYC team successfully defended their position, but we were fighting until the end against a very good team.

The Storm Trysail Club Grandmasters Team Racing squad competed in three regattas over the spring and summer, two events in April and June at Seawanhaka Corinthian YC (3rd and 3rd), and the final event, the NYYC Grandmasters championships (7th of 10) in Newport in August.

Twenty different members raced aboard provided Sonars at the three different events. Prior to the NYYC event, we recruited a team racing expert, Matt Duggan, to provide a 1/2 day of on the water coaching. Prior to this coaching session, the STC team raced competitively, but following this coaching we felt we were far better prepared to take on the best.

The STC Team Racing program provides an excellent opportunity for members to get together, meet other STC members, hone racing skills in a different environment, and represent the club in friendly competition with other strong clubs from around the country. 

We want to expand and strengthen the team in 2024!  

Some prior team racing experience is great, as is one-design keelboat racing – Sonars, IODs, Atlantics, Shields. Our emphasis is on “Grandmasters" Racing (60 and over to steer, 50 and over to crew), but we also sail some “open” events.  The STC Grandmasters Team is coed – members and spouses are welcome! In 2023 we increased the number of women sailors on the team and want to add more!  

Above all, what we’re looking for is interest and enthusiasm in joining STC Team Racing.

Don’t wait until next year! To find out more and express your interest in 2024 STC Team Racing, email [email protected] .   We want to hear from you!

Chip Johns and Lee Reichart


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