Storm Trysail Club

Offshore Sailing Leadership Symposium Report

Overview, Findings, Best Practices, and Training Recommendations

Cover photo courtesy of the Rolex Fastnet Race

Recognizing the essential role of Leadership as the foundation of all safety-at-sea, and the general absence of specific Leadership training in current Safety-at-Sea training and education, the Storm Trysail Club convened the Offshore Sailing Leadership Symposium in November 2020.

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Report Contents:

Executive Summary
Symposium Overview
Sir Robin Knox-Johnston
Leadership Beyond Sailing Panel
Leadership Under Sail

Breakout Session Reports:

Breakout Sessions Overview
Responsibility & Accountability
Team Leadership & Followership
Preparation & Anticipation
Sail the Way You Train, Train the Way You Sail
Situational Awareness
Emergency Management
Proposed Training Changes


Gary Jobson on Leadership
Detailed Best Practices
Detailed Training Recommendations
Resource References
The Organizing Committee