Appendix 1 – Gary Jobson on Leadership

Gary Jobson’s opening remarks he stated: “Leadership can be lonely, exhilarating, confusing. Taking command is a great responsibility. You can delegate authority, but not responsibility.” His further thoughts follow:

1. Leadership

  • Once in charge - be in charge
  • Taking command is a big responsibility and sometimes lonely
  • Many people avoid being in charge - for others it’s the essence of life
  • An organization can only go as far as a Leader’s vision
  • You can delegate authority - but not ultimate responsibility 

2. Plan in advance

  • Use lessons of the past to guide the future
  • Make lists
  • Seek advice
  • Pay attention to details
  • Set goals (mission statement)

3. Clear Communications 

  • Let everyone know the plan and goal - hold group meetings
  • Forecasting situations in advance allows everyone to be mentally prepared
  • Avoid arrogance
  • Mold Opinions
  • Be accurate
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Be a good public speaker (practice)
  • Ask good questions
  • Listen carefully to what others have to say

4. Be Decisive

  • Go with your first instinct (at least consider it)
  • Follow plan (know when to adjust)
  • You can’t have an “all hands” call every day
  • Don’t tolerate second-guessing
  • During tough times remain calm - go back to a normal routine

5. Develop Your Team

  • Explain common goal(s)
  • Blend different talents
  • Encourage specialization - look for better methods, add value, new opportunities
  • Rely on others, but have a check
  • Compliment each other - say nice things
  • Build trust by not keeping secrets
  • Give attribution - make heroes out of the people you work with

6.  Act like a Leader

  • Lead by example
  • Be consistent
  • Loyalties pay off in the long term
  • Take on challenges directly

7. Innovate

  • Use technology from other industries/sports/academia/government
  • Find a niche and try to do something no one else has done before
  • Better to do fewer things well, then to do too many things at once

8. Have Fun

  • Success brings more opportunities
  • Favorite words - excellence - essential - integrity - grateful 

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