Appendix 5 – Organizing Committee

The Offshore Sailing Leadership Symposium (OSLS), the video summary, and this report were the result of a year’s worth of planning, organizing, reflection, and writing on the part of a dedicated group of sailors devoted to improving Safety-at-Sea through Leadership training and education. The Storm Trysail Club thanks them for their dedication and service.

The Organizing Committee:

  • Richard du Moulin, Committee Chair and Chair, Storm Trysail Foundation
  • A.J. Evans, Commodore, STC, 2020
  • Ed Cesare, Commodore, STC, 2021
  • Bob Reichart, Committee Chief of Staff, STC
  • John de Regt, Moderator and Facilitation, STC
  • Jack Cummiskey, Chair, STC Seamanship Committee
  • Renee Mehl, STC Nomination Committee
  • Whitney Kneisley, Logistics, Executive Director, STC
  • Kate Wilson Somers, Technical Moderator, Social Media, and Web Developer
  • Richard Hersh, Facilitation Advisor
  • Ed “Buttons” Padin, Final Report Editor, STC
  • Gary Jobson, Panel Moderator and Video Producer, STC
  • Scott Shucher, Applecart, Video Editor

From the left: Bob Reichart, A.J. Evans, Buttons Padin, Ed Cesare, Rich du Moulin, Jack Cummiskey, John de Regt

The 2021 Offshore Sailing Leadership Symposium was made possible thanks to the following partners:

Presenting Partner

Supporting Partners