Storm Trysail Club Stations

The Club is organized into 12 geographic stations, giving it representation in the major sailing centers in America and a base for carrying out its purpose. Each station serves as the organizing authority and host for a number of racing, social and junior events for its members and other sailors, both on the water and ashore.

Southern Station

Founded in 1972

Station Captain: Bill Moriarty

Southern California

Founded in 2016

Station Captain: Ian Vickers

Northern California

Founded in 2010

Station Captain: Steve Taft

Long Island Sound

Founded in 1995

Station Captain: Doug Lynn

Gulf of Maine

Founded in 2000

Station Captain: Robert Scott

Gulf Coast

Founded in 1997

Station Captain: Chris Lewis

Western Great Lakes

Founded in 1981

Station Captain: Mike Hettel

Eastern Great Lakes

Founded in 1981

Station Captain: Luiz Kahl

Sandy Hook

Founded in 2017

Station Captain: Ann Meyer


Founded in 2014

Station Captain: Clarke Smith

Chesapeake Bay

Founded in 1990

Station Captain: Jeff Goldring


Founded in 2000

Station Captain: Paul Lombardi