January 16, 2024

Storm Trysail Club Annual Meeting Recap

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Approximately 75 members gathered in person at Eastern Yacht Club, while an additional 50 joined the proceedings online, creating a blended and inclusive Annual Meeting. Reports from both the Flags and Committee Chairs painted a positive picture of the Club's current state, outlining ambitious plans for 2024 and beyond. The strategy is to capitalize on existing strengths and fortify weaker areas, ensuring a robust and well-rounded future for a unique club that spans the country from coast to coast.

The meeting concluded with the presentation of prestigious awards recognizing outstanding contributions to the Club and the excellence in Racing. Charlie Enright was honored with the Monte-Sano Trophy for Racing Excellence, while Tim Prophit received the Richard M. Stimson Offshore Navigation Trophy. Prophit has won the Chicago-Mac three times with a 40+ year old boat also designed by a Storm Trysail Club Member, Dick Carter. The Hugh Killmer, celebrating noteworthy feats, was bestowed upon the unflappable Dick Neville for his role in the success of Block Island Race Week once again. The Torrey Trophy for outstanding service found its deserving recipient in Treasurer Bud Heerde, who has diligently maintained the club's financial standing over the past decade.

Post-meeting festivities unfolded at the Eastern Yacht Club, which served as the STC Marblehead Station for the evening. The venue hosted a delightful gathering filled with camaraderie, drinks, and food, providing the perfect backdrop for members to unwind and celebrate the shared passion for sailing and the enduring success of the Storm Trysail Club.


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