May 26, 2017

Key West Race Week 2018

LARCHMONT, N.Y., May 25, 2017 - After extensive discussion and deliberation the Storm Trysail Club has decided not to organize and hold Key West Race Week in January 2018. Many factors led to this difficult decision. The bottom line is that with declining participation, the event has become heavily dependent upon sponsorship making the event unsustainable in its current format. Our primary sponsors remain very supportive and the Storm Trysail Club is committed to exploring alternative formats for the future that address changing conditions in our sport. The club anticipates that this could lead to another edition as soon as 2019.

The Storm Trysail Club wishes to thank especially Quantum Sails (the title sponsor for the last six years) as well as the city and community of Key West for their gracious hospitality and help in underwriting this event, which has spanned the last 30 years. Many thanks as well to all our other sponsors, supporters and past participants for their support of the event and of the sport of sailing. Most importantly we wish to thank the countless volunteers, Storm Trysail Club members and others who made Key West Race Week possible and produced a world-class event.

Leonard Sitar
Commodore Storm Trysail Club

John Fisher
Quantum Key West Race Week Event Chairman - 2016 & 2017