Latest and Past News from on our Storm Trysail Club Regattas.

November 10, 2022

Join us at Stamford Yacht Club for the Annual Meeting in January 2023.

October 10, 2022

Wisconsin Badgers Dominate and First Ever All-Female Team from College of Charleston win their Division

October 6, 2022

The two Clubs collaborated for an on-line session then hands-on training on the safety ethos, weather, damage control, and more. 

October 5, 2022

Welcome to the Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta 2022 Presented by ShopRite of Carteret!

The latest news on our stations and throughout the Club.

January 17, 2023

Young Memebers are invited to join the NYYC Young Members for First Thursday Cocktails at the 44th Street Clubhouse

January 10, 2023

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