January 5, 2019

The 2019 Pineapple Cup is just one week away

In this edition of Pineapple Cup news, we are excited to announce that the Hard Rock Cafe - Montego Bay and Juici Patties join the Pineapple Cup as Official Race Partners.

Hugh Piggin, Race Director - Manuka Sports Event Management, said, "With only one week remaining until the start of the 34th edition of the Pineapple Cup we're excited to see returning competitors and welcome new teams to this classic offshore race. We've actively worked to take this historic race and make it easier both in terms of time and logistics while being just as fun and rewarding for participants as it ever was"

Lindsey Duda, Skipper, Sin Duda!, said, "We're excited to compete - the warmer weather is always welcome and it's true that the logistics and timing of the event is a perfect way to kick off a Caribbean circuit. It's also a pretty gorgeous way to get the boat south for other events, like the RORC Caribbean 600. Outside of the wonderful things we have heard about the quality of racing, it was one of the primary considerations on our end. We're excited to represent the Chicago Yacht Club and want to thank you all for how well this event is organized."

So far we have quite a few members registered to take part:

Anderson Reggio, Argo (MOD 70)
Chad Corning, Argo (MOD 70)
Charlie Enright, Wizard (Volvo 70)
David Askew, Wizard (Volvo 70)
Henry Little, Renegade (Santa Cruz 52)
Jed Lee, Senara (Farr 395)
John von Schwarz, Wizard (Volvo 70)
Joseph Goulet, Senara (Farr 395)
Mark Towill, Wizard (Volvo 70)
See more information on the 2019 edition of the Pineapple Cup visit www.pineapplecup.com