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Photo: Daniel Forster/ 2011 Block Island Race Week


Since the first Storm Trysail Club Block Island Race Week held in 1965, a strong camaraderie among participants has emerged in the sailing community. A week on the small island spent sailing, adventuring, and carousing leads to countless tales that may or may not be appropriate for all company. This dedication and devotion has inspired the Storm Trysail Club to acknowledge this commitment to their beloved biennial regatta through the founding the new North Light Society. The North Light Society is for those sailors and volunteers who have participated in at least five Storm Trysail Club Block Island Race Weeks, with graduating levels for the ten and fifteen regatta nautical-milestones. Named for the lighthouse that welcomes sailors to the island, this group aims to distinguish those who have returned to this regatta year after year. If you have participated in at least 5 Storm Trysail Club Block Island Race Weeks (sorry; the even years, which are not run by STC, do not count for this group), please fill out this easy application form and once approved your name will appear below.


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North Lights Society

  • In case you are not at the next Race Week to collect your pin.
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  • If you have anything you would like the North Lights Society Committee to consider, please let us know. (ie - if you can't remember all the boat names and the years exactly).

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