January 28, 2019

Plus 1: A New Short-handed Racing Class

Plus 1 is a new shorthanded racing class that the Storm Trysail Club is helping to promote.
The idea behind the new class is come up with a solution to the problem of getting enough
crew and to make big boat racing fun again. It also could be a help to doublehanders who are
tired of working so hard and for those doublehanders interested in doing other types of racing
besides just distance courses. I have named the new division Plus 1 because the crew limit is
one more person than the 10s digit of the boat’s hull length. Under this formula, boats from
20 to 29.9 feet sail with a crew of three, boats from 30 to 39.9 feet sail with four and so on.

The Storm Trysail Club agreed to offer a Plus 1 class on the Red Circle at Block Island
Race Week. That means we will be sailing a windward/leeward course in the morning and a
race around government marks in the afternoon. We will also do the Around the Island Race
the day that that the whole fleet goes around. I have signed up to race my boat Soulmates.

A spring schedule of Plus 1 Races is coming together and the first event will be the
American Yacht Club Spring Series where the group will sail courses around government
marks. The second race is the Edlu, which is a short distance race that goes east 16 miles,
rounds a mark and returns to the finish. The third event is the 186-mile Block Island Races
that goes from Stamford, Ct., around Block Island and the back to Stamford. The last scheduled
Plus One regatta will be Block Island Race Week.

Here are the dates:

AYC Spring: April 27, 28 and May 4, 5
Larchmont Edlu Race: May 11
Block Island Race Starts Friday, May 24
Block Island Race Week: June 23-28

Plus 1 pic 2

Reasons To Sail Plus One

1. Easier to find enough crew. Reduces the time you have to spend e-mailing and calling.

2. Everyone on the boat has a lot of jobs to do. No one is bored rail meat.

3. Not all boats are set up to be doublehanded and not all sailors a want to work as hard as

4. It is safer. If someone gets hurt or goes overboard, there will be at least two or more
people to continue sailing the boat.

5. Plus One allows teams to sail in a broader range of events. Most doublehanded divisions
are only offered in distance races, while Plus One teams can race windward/leewards,
race around government marks as well as do distance races.

6. Better crew morale. The larger the group you sail with, the more likely there will be personality

7. Saves money. Fewer people to buy lunches for and fewer post-race cocktails to buy. You
can rent a smaller house or share one with another boat at Block Island Race Week.

8. Makes your boat better for cruising. If set your boat up to be handled better by less
people, it will be easier to sail as a cruising couple.

9. Sail with your friends, not your friends’ friends.

Hopefully after reading through this information you’ll decide to join us for some or all these
events. The hope is to get 10-15 boats for the Edlu and Block Island Race Week. For more
information contact Adam Loory at: [email protected]