September 5, 2018

Key West Race Week 2019 and Beyond

LARCHMONT, N.Y., Sept 5, 2018 -

As we approach the two-year mark since the last Key West Race Week in 2017, the Storm Trysail Club has been asked about the possibility of Key West for 2019. Unfortunately, the changing nature of the classes and boats that historically constituted the heart of the fleet along with changing conditions in Key West do not create an environment in which the event can be run, at least in its traditional format. For one thing, the space for the temporary boatyard at the Truman Annex which stored, launched and hauled the majority of the smaller boats is no longer available.

That said, the sponsor base remains very interested in working with Storm Trysail, the Club continues to believe that the organization and management of events is an important part of its Mission and we will continue to try and develop venues and formats, perhaps in Key West and perhaps elsewhere, that boat owners will find challenging and fun.