August 22, 2015

2015 Golf Tournament Recap

Arriving at the Newport Golf Club at 9:30 AM Monday morning during a torrential downpour, gave pause to worry, but optimistic set-up began as usual under the tent as though it was the most perfect sunny day of Summer. Tables were set, trophies displayed, registration table set and ready for what was to come. As golfers slowly arrived at 11 AM, the torrents stopped like an instant hole-in-one, the sky displayed the bluest of blue, the sun came out from behind the most glorious white fluffy clouds and shined brightly as though we willed it to. If this was any indication on how the day would go, it was right on point. Over 100 golfers were dry and ready to play!

The 2015 golf tournament was a great success with excellent camaraderie, and despite the earlier weather, terrific tee-time weather made for ideal course conditions. We couldn’t have asked for better.

The results are as follows (first seven photos in 2015 Photos above, in order)

  • First Place: Team Interlodge:
  • Kris Matthews, Tom O’Donnell, John Plume and Greg McGinniss (score 68)
  • Congratulations to the Yacht Club Winners IYAC with the score of 68.
    TEAM IYAC: William Crisp, Scott Murray, Brendan Smith and Tom Rich
  • Life Raft –Chris Gill and John Gower
  • Karen Davidson, Long Drive, hole 6
  • John Schlesinger, closest to the pin, hole 13
  • Aggie Perkins, closest to the pin, hole 13