Junior Safety-at-Sea Course

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The Storm Trysail Club and Foundation Junior Online Safety-at-Sea Program is designed emphasizes several key themes:

  1. Preparation and situational awareness:  Being prepared can help you to avoid problems.  This is critical for safety, but also means you’ll spend more time sailing and less time fixing things.  Part of preparation is learning to observe what is going on around you.  We call that “situational awareness.” We’ll try to help you learn to watch for problems before they get out of hand.    
  2. Lifelong learning:  The skills you will learn are not static.  We are constantly learning new and better ways to avoid or correct problems.  Because things change all the time, you need to learn to be flexible.  It’s important to know WHY you are learning a specific skill.  Knowing that may help you too identify a better way to achieve the same result.
  3. Practice, Practice, Practice!  Most of the skills you will learn are straightforward, but can be done in more than one way.  You need to practice these on your own boat to see what works best, and to be sure that you can perform them quickly and safely in the worst of conditions.  We usually find that junior sailors are better about practicing than adults.  We encourage you to involve your parents and coaches in your practice.  You might teach THEM something!