Owen C. Torrey Memorial Trophy

Commodore Charles Ulmer, on behalf of a large group of donors, presented The Owen C. Torrey Memorial Trophy to the Club, in memory of former STC member Owen Torrey. The trophy has an honored place among the trophies which have been given to the STC over the years in memory of members who made important contributions to our club and our sport. Owen made many contributions to our sport, often behind the scenes, and was often not fully recognized. The trophy is awarded annually to the person, who, in the opinion of the Flag Officers and Board of Governors, has rendered “Outstanding Service” to the presented.

2004 – John Browning
2005 – Adam Loory
2006 – Robert “Whitey” Russell
2007 – Ralf Steitz
2008 – Nicholas Langone
2009 – Commodore John Storck
2010 – Commodore Dick Neville
2011 – Peter Rugg
2012 – Commodore James Bishop
2013 – Ray Redniss
2014 – Commodore Charles Ulmer
2015 – Tinker Myles
2016 – Commodore Eric Kreuter
2017 – Commodore John Fisher
2018 – Captain Henry Marx
2019 – Karl and Lisa von Schwarz
2020 – Kelly Robinson

2021 – Rich du Moulin

2022 – Not Awarded