Heres is there race recap:

The 2020 Monhegan Island Race and Seguin Sprint is a wrap. The organizing committee would like to thank all of our sponsors; Quantum Sails, Smithwick & Mariner Insurance, Gritty’s Beer, Pat’s Pizza, SF Marine Systems, Cal Source, Ice Pik Vodka, Vineyard Brands Wine, Altano Wines,Pineland Farms, You Regatta, and The Dental Loft. Many of these sponsors are members and we appreciate their support. 

We would also like to thank our volunteers, many pulled some long hours at the club and the finish line! Without them, we could not have made this event happen. 

Race Recap-

Friday’s Monhegan Island Race started in light breeze that only got lighter. Class A saw all but 1 boat withdraw before sunrise on Saturday. The SailMaine crew on Rip Van Winkle were the last to go when an electrical outage forced them to retire Saturday evening. 

Most of Monhegan Class B hung in there with the first finishers crossing the line after midnight on Saturday. This year’s Monhegan was a truely a test in patience and perseverance. 

The Seguin Sprinters, who started racing at 1300 Saturday, had a different racing experience. These sailors saw light breeze that built over the course of the race and carried them to a finish Saturday night. 

Competitors were met under the PYC tent by friendly faces, Pat’s Pizza nd Gritty’s beer. “A welcome site,” many commented.

In lieu of the traditional kick off party, crews were treated to the “Monhegan Party To Go Bag” with all sorts of goodies from our sponsors.

Awards were presented at breakfast on Sunday-see below for an awards summary:

Monhegan Island Race:

Maine Coast Fisherman’s Trophy-Line Honors Monhegan Course

Cygnette William Mayer Swan 441 (1:00:27)  And a new course Record

Walter S Hammons Trophy-1st Place Monhegan Class A Corrected

Not Awarded no finishers

George E Ford Jr Navigators Trophy-1st overall corrected Monhegan Navigator

Cygnette Navigator’s Scott Adler

Amaryllis Trohpy-1st place Multi-hull

Awarded to SailMaine Rip Van Winkle for sticking it out longer than any A division boat in Monhegan.

Class B Monhegan:

3rd Place: Breakaway J/35 Gregg and Emily Carville

2nd Place: Tamarack Baltic Farr 44 Geoff Emanuel and Bob Kellogg

Douglas R. Coleman Memorial Trophy-1st Place Monhegan Class B

Cygnette William Mayer Swan 441 (29:25:17)  And a new course Record

Edward B. Mason-1st Overall Maine Boat

Tamarack Baltic Farr 44 Geoff Emanuel and Bob Kellogg

Frank H. Soule Memorial Trophy-1st Doublehanded

Breakaway J/35 Gregg and Emily Carville

Seguin Sprint:

Midget Ocean RacingTrophy-Line Honors Seguin

Oh Carol, Win Fowler Melges 32 (20:35:49) New course Record

Seguin Island Trophy-1st place cruising JAM

L.E.A.H, Matthew Holland, Dehler 38

3rd Place Seguin B

Boreas, Finn Hadlock, J/24 Just a minute out of First place corrected

2nd Place Seguin B

Five Speed, Lindenberg 28, Sam Maloney

1st Place Seguin B

Hound dog, S2 9.1, Matt Parker

3rd Seguin A

    Go Dog Go Beneteau 36.7 Dave Ruff

2nd Seguin A

County Girl, Beneteau 36.7, Bill Newberry

Abbott Fletcher Trophy-1st Place Seguin A Corrected

Kaos II, Farr 30, Scott Smithwick

1st Place Doublehanded

Five Speed, Lindenberg 28, Sam Maloney

James R. Flaker-1st PYC Member corrected

Kaos II, Farr 30, Scott Smithwick

Sabre Yacht Trophy-Best performance of a Sabre

Acadia, Sabre 34, Todd Lalumiere

Geoff Emanuel Spirit of Monhegan Trophy-Presented by DJ & Brad

This year’s recipient has been a consistent supporter of the Monhegan Island Race both financially and on the water. 

He has participated in at least 20 Monhegans, winning at least 10 times on 4 different boats and has been a regular sponsor of the event for over 20 years. This year the Geoff Emanual Spirit of Monhegan award goes to: Scott Smithwick.