Past Block Island Race Week Results

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A. Justin Wasley Memorial Trophy
The overall winner of the largest one-design class.
Abrams Family Trophy
Awarded to an individual or individuals who has made a significant contribution to the on going success of Block Island Race Week.
Blockhead Trophy
Presented by BIRW Chairman Everett B. Morris in 1965, to be awarded to whomever the race week committee deems worthy.
Dr. Willi Faraguli Trophy
For the STC volunteer who demonstrates the highest level of decency and restraint under duress during Block Island Race Week.
Elmina Trophy
New for 2023 this trophy is awarded to the best performance by a woman skipper or majority women crew.
Emil “Bus” Mosbacher Sportsmanship Trophy
Awarded to outstanding example of good sportsmanship during Block Island Race Week.
Everett B. Morris Perpetual Trophy
Awarded to the overall yacht with the best performance for the Block Island Race Week as judged by the Race Committee and the Commodore.
Governors Perpetual Trophy
This trophy is presented to the foreign yacht with the Best Performance for the Week.
Isbrandtsen Overall Perpetual Trophy
Awarded to the best overall performance for a Corinthian team at Block Island Race Week.
Island Sailing Club Of Cowes Perpetual Trophy
Overall winner in the Around the Island Race.
John Alden Reed Perpetual Trophy
To the best performing Service Academy Yacht participating in Block Island Race Week.
Shelter Island Team Trophy
Best overall Yacht Club team at BIRW
The Danforth Trophy
First awarded when Kialoa got stuck in the channel on the way to Racing in Block Island and racing had to be delayed. Now in 2023, this trophy will be […]
The Gem Trophy
The trophy will be presented to the best yacht with at least 70 percent of its skipper and crew, male or female, younger than 25 years of age at Block Island Race Week.
US – ORC Trophy
Awarded to the ORC boat that triumphs in the most competitive ORC class racing in Block Island Race Week
Vintage Yacht Trophy
Best Yacht at Block Island Race week 25 years old or older, substantially unaltered, with the best point score for the week.