July 17, 2023

Marblehead Halifax Race – an all STC effort pays off!

The 2023 Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Race is now in the history books, and in it is the winning finish of Vice Commodore Andrew WeissCHRISTOPHER DRAGON XII.

With a crew of 7 all Corinthian- all STC Member team, CD XII finished 1st in ORR Class 5 and 2nd in the ORR Fleet. Couple that with their 1st in Class 12 and 4th in the St. David’s Lighthouse Division of the 2022 Newport to Bermuda Race (which garnered them the MALABAR TROPHY), earned them the OLIN J. STEPHENS OCEAN RACING TROPHY for “… the yacht scored under ORR with the best combined performance in the Newport Bermuda Race and the Marblehead-to-Halifax Race.” Winning this prestigious award was not a simple task! The scoring of the two events produced a tie between CHRISTOPHER DRAGON XII and Andrew Clark’s ZIG ZAG, each with 4 points. CD XII came away with the tie-breaker with scores of 3+1 to ZIG ZAG’s 2+2.

With Mike McGagh being elected to STC membership on Monday during the race, he rounded out the all-member crew consisting of Skipper Andrew Weiss, Navigator Larry Fox, Lawrence Cutler, Gerard Girstl, Morgan Bennet, and Jonathan Asch.

In addition to their awards, CD XII was also a member of Team Storm Trysail, which included Chris Lewis’ KENAI and Past Commodore John Storck’s BLITZEN. The team finished a very close 2nd.