January 27, 2020

Long Range Planning Committee Report

A number of years ago, your Flag Officers created a Long Range Planning Committee tasked with evaluating the operations, membership, mission, vision and future of the Club and Foundation. In 2019’s Annual Meeting, member Gary Jobson (Chair of the Long Range Planning Committee) provided an update on the group's work. The LRP Committee is composed of Gary Jobson, Gino Bottino, Daniel Briggs, Commodore Rich du Moulin, Commodore Nick Langone, Johanna Moffitt, Steve Prime and Anderson Reggio.

During the most recent Annual Meeting in Annapolis on Jan 11, 2020, Gary presented a more detailed plan, as well as a status report covering several areas/initiatives, including: Volunteerism, Club Pride, Membership, Geographic Locations, Communications, Finance, the Foundation, Safety at Sea, Race Management, Governance and a number of other topics.

This latest version of the report - which is considered to be a “living document” - is posted below. Any comments may be directed to Gary Jobson at [email protected]

See Gary's presentation download as a PDF14.09 MB.