There will be a program in 2020 and it’s FREE, and better than ever!

And, we will offer special sessions for Intercollegiate Sailors

For more than 20 years, the Storm Trysail Foundation/Club Junior Safety-at-Sea program has trained thousands of young sailors in essential skills to sail safety in all conditions and to transition from small boats to larger ones. One of these skills is the ability to adapt when faced with new circumstances. The COVID-19 situation clearly poses a new kind of safety risk for sailors of all types. Accordingly, JrSAS in 2020 will not be using its traditional format of a group setting coupled with several hours of on-the-water practice.

Instead, we will offer our curriculum on-line in a self-study format that allows students to study at a time of their own convenience and progress at their own rate. We will also be expanding the program to include intercollegiate sailors. Best of all, we will be offering this free of charge.


  • Lessons are broken into modules and will consist of video presentations from Storm Trysail Club experts thousands of miles of offshore experience.
  • Self-directed exercises that can be done at home or a family/club boat.
  • Optional “Zoom” sessions to allow students to ask questions, learn additional material, and participate in groups.
  • Intercollegiate sailors will have additional advanced material and their own “Zoom” sessions.

Modules :

  1. Weather and Pre-Boarding Preparation
  2. Crew Overboard Prevention and Recovery
  3. Safety Gear
  4. Health Maintenance
  5. Communications

New Participants:

Returning Participants:

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Once you register, you will receive a link and password to login and start digging into the Modules.