Award Nominations Due

The Monte-Sano and Stimson are two of the most important club-wide trophies which recognize outstanding performance of members in the current year.  The awards will be presented at the January annual meeting.  The trophies are awarded based on nominations from members with the relative performance evaluated by the Awards Committee composed of a member from each station appointed by the station captain and Commodore Langone, committee chair, Dawn Riley and Commodore Lee Reichart, committee secretary.  The criteria are set by the awards deeds of gift:

  1. The Monte-Sano Award recognizes a Storm Trysail Club member whose racing record is the most outstanding at the local, regional, national and international levels, bringing recognition and honor to the Club. 
  2. The Stimson Award recognizes a Storm Trysail Club member who has navigated a yacht (or yachts) with the best-combined fleet positions from among the races entered.
  3. Note: STC members compete at a very high level in a wide range of events.  All types of events in offshore capable boats will be considered with extra emphasis on true offshore events.

The 2023 year is mostly over with many major events concluded.  Now is the time to think about nominations!

Nominate any member – even yourself!

Nomination Deadline:  Monday, December 11, 2023.

Required nomination details: award, nominee, events (include organizing authority), fleet placings and fleet numbers. For informational purposes: class placings, season awards.

Send your nomination to Lee Reichart, [email protected].