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Storm Trysail Foundation's Annual Legacy Fundraising Dinner a Huge Success and Raises $100,000+
Storm Trysail Foundation's Annual Sailing and Legacy Fundraising Dinner, 'Honoring 50 Years of Carina' was truly a night to remember.
The evening began with guests of honor (Owners, family members and crew of Carina) and over 180 total attendees arriving to find both the evenings' primary honoree, Carina, and one of the Collegiate Offshore Sailing Figaro2's smartly moored as the sun set over their starboard rails, at Carina's original home, Indian Harbor Yacht Club.
Carina Video
Carina Video  
Amidst a trove of silverware won over the decades by the legendary yacht (and infamous crews!), the family and friends of Carina were greeted with passed hors d'oeuvres, an antipasto table and an open bar. During the cocktail hour, the gathering quickly became lively as old shipmates reconnected over Dark 'n Stormies, the featured and sponsored drink of the evening, and a video loop of photographs of many of Carina's special moments throughout her illustrious history was shown.
When cocktails turned to entering the dining room, the evening's guests were met with Black Seal Rum caps generously donated by Gosling's that were adorned with 'Carina 50th' and the Storm Trysail Club burgee. To play off of the photo of Carina rounding Fastnet Rock and the many victories of the St. David's Lighthouse Trophy won by both Nye and Potts, tables were decorated with lighthouses, Bermuda colored blue green sea glass pebbles and sailboat votives, illuminating the room. Also, a can of a Dark'N Stormy. And for safety, around the napkins were roped life-ring napkin rings.
Once seated, Joey Moffitt, Chair of the Storm Trysail Foundation Fundraiser, welcomed all and acknowledged the flag officers of STC and IHYC, the Foundation Board members and the evening's committee members. Joey also stated that for a half a century, Carina has been an icon in everything that Storm Trysail stands for and supports: ocean racing, offshore cruising, safety at sea, the Corinthian spirit, and the promotion of good fellowship among blue water and ocean racing sailors. She has given countless offshore sailing opportunities to family, youths and accomplished sailors over a long and continuing career and her legacy is an inspiration to be celebrated.
Next, Chair of the Storm Trysail Foundation and former STC Commodore, Rich du Moulin masterfully emceed the event with witty humor, calling upon Jonathan Nye, son of former Carina skipper, Richard Nye, as well current skipper and club member Rives Potts to share some of their fonder memories of 'growing up' on the McCurdy and Rhodes designed sloop.
A lively and well participated live auction, with a long list of items generously donated for bidding, was highly successful. Winners went home with everything from specially designed anniversary edition Carina long sleeve t-shirt, to an authentic and newly Awlgripped commode in Carina's color scheme, complete with yacht's name emblazoned on the bowl. Du Moulin pointed out that many famous derrieres have been precariously perched upon that very same throne.
When the auction concluded, attendees were treated to an offshore-inspired menu that included beef stew over noodles (that was not freeze-dried)and a baba rum cake for dessert. Event sponsor Gosling's provided their special Family Reserve Old Rum, an aprés dinner sipping rum, reminiscent of coming off watch under skipper Nye's command. This rum also encouraged many to contribute to the paddle raise.
One of the highlights of the evening was the "open microphone". Guests and crew members shared their entertaining stories from the early years to recent victories.
In conclusion, the evening was tremendously successful in recognizing Carina's embodiment of the core principles or the Storm Trysail Club. The evening was also a tremendous financial success in raising over $100,000 to further support the junior, intercollegiate, and adult safety at sea and educational outreach programs of the Storm Trysail Club.  
One More Chance to Participate!!!
Part of the success is owed to the generous support of Trident Studios, one of the evening's Club's corporate partner, who generously created half-hull models of Carina mounted on backboards engraved with Carina's line drawings. In further support of the Storm Trysail Club and the Foundation, Trident has made a special offer available to the membership through Friday November 22nd.  Order any half hull model (from their list of over 1200 molds/models), and you'll get a special discount with 45% of the proceeds (tax deductible!) going toward the Storm Trysail Foundation. If you are interested in obtaining a half hull model and making a contribution to the Foundation in the spirit of this year's fundraiser, please contact Chris Upton at  or by phone at (203) 340-1226. Please view their website at www.tridentstudio.com and their inventory list at: https://tridentstudio.com/pricing-sheet/


Event Sponsors: 

  • Safe Harbor Marinas
  • Hunt and Betsy Lawrence
  • Bo and Edie Lycke
  • Matt Brooks and Pam Rorke Levy
  • Gosling’s
  • ShopRite

Committee Members:

  • Rich du Moulin, Chair, Storm Trysail Foundation
  • Johanna Moffitt, Event Chair, Storm Trysail Foundation
  • Barry Gold, President, Storm Trysail Foundation
  • AJ Evans, Commodore, Storm Trysail Club
  • Ed Cesare, Vice Commodore, Storm Trysail Club
  • Jack Cummiskey
  • Larry Huntington
  • Stephen Lirakis
  • Steve Minninger
  • Jonathan Nye
  • Rives Potts
  • Bill Schneider
  • Patti Young

Table Sponsors:

  • Jack Cummiskey
  • Rich du Moulin
  • Gary Grant
  • Larry Huntington
  • Tom Hutton
  • Jonathan Nye
  • Rives Potts
  • Chris Sheehan
  • Lenny Sitar

Auction Sponsors:

  • American Cruise Lines
  • USA1200.com
  • Country Homes
  • Wave Aerospace
  • Commander’s Weather
  • Schooner Spirit
  • Royal Ocean Racing Club
  • Craft Beer
  • TeamOne
  • North Sails
  • 1661 Inn
  • Maritime Treasure Trove
  • Carina Cruise & Relics
  • Trident StudiosCharles Robertson, CEO
  • Steve & Heidi Benjamin
  • Mark Strauss & Steve Pohill
  • Ken & Brynn Campbell
  • Lars Forsberg
  • Eddie Warden-Owen
  • Chris & Erin Sheehan
  • Martha Parker
  • Ken Read
  • Rita Abrams & Steve Draper
  • Brenda Lewis & Adam Paquin
  • Rives & Nancy Potts
  • Chris Upton



Lets go sailing.

"Alright now, this is a night start don't forget; so let's get somebody on lookout up on that bow...

Alright now, did you figure the current? For chrissake do I have to do everything? And don't forget to figure the daylight saving. What? No, you add an hour, for chrissake, can't anybody here sail a boat? What did he say? He said "turn off the engine". Oh, yeah. OK, how long 'til our start? Who's on the stopwatch? OK, you get back here outta the way and stay there.

Alright now, let's come about and get over near the committee boat. Alright, let's come about. COMIN' ABOUT! Wheres the handle, where's the handle - TAIL, willya, fer chrissake!! How's that? Take it in to the block. That's enough.

BANG! What gun was that? That was OUR GUN. Did you get that on the watch? Do you see that guy? Yeah, I see him. Alright now, we got five more minutes. Let's run the line for a second. You can't, YOU'RE ON PORT TACK. Oh, yeah, OK, let's come about again. COMIN' ABOUT! FOUR MINUTES, Well it's too crowded over here, let's get down to leeward where our air is clear.

CRASH!!!! What was that???? Well, put the stove in gimbals, for chrissake. Clean it up later, get up here. What the hell are you doing down there anyway? You can eat at home! THREE MINUTES...Did anybody center the prop? Well, center it, Charlie, don't stand there. There's a flashlight overhead in the doghouse. Well, try another one, I put all new batteries in yesterday. TWO MINUTES...Two minutes for chrissake where's the other end of the line, they got a line two miles long. We gotta come about. COMING ABOUT...OK, let it go letitgogoddamm it. Alright, get it in, get it in. It's fouled on the lifeline. DON'T JERK IT! You'll pull the goddam boat apart. Trim, trim, trim, OK, hold that. Where's the ------ing committee boat. We gotta come about again. COMING ABOUT! More turns, more turns. OK, cleat that. ONE MINUTE--Alright, slack everything, slack the jib, slack the main, SLACK THE MAIN...OK hold that ...THIRTY SECONDS...OK we're going for the line. Trim, trim, trim the main. FIFTEEN SECONDS...OK everybody up to windward....TEN SECONDS ...NINE, EIGHT, SEVEN, SIX, FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE.....for chrissake where's that gun...We're over the line. They'll never see us down here anyway. BANG! OK, we've started.

You did a great job with that stopwatch. OK, let's get these lines coiled up, I can't stand up in the cockpit. Good start, guys."