The Storm Trysail Club is a private club dedicated to blue water sailing. Membership of about 800 individuals is by invitation only to expert offshore sailors who have experienced storm conditions and are capable of commanding a sailing vessel in such conditions. Established in 1938, the club has a long history of sponsoring inshore, distance and offshore sailboat races, and supporting the interests and needs of sailors.

The club is headquartered in Larchmont, New York, and operates through local stations across the United States. Each station serves as the organizing authority and host for a number of racing, social and junior events for its members and other sailors, both on the water and ashore. The club has been in the vanguard of development of new events, handicap rating systems, yacht design, safety procedures, and new rum drinks.

The club insignia is proudly displayed by members on the club burgee, on special articles and clothing available only to members, and also seen on clothing sold to sailors participating in club events.